Hou Nin’ Fast Charger 4875【96V-135V】【120V-170V】


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Product name: HUAWEI Charger R4875
Model: R4875
Dimensions: 275mm 105mm 40mm
Weight: 2000G
Accessories: Input cable, output cable, 2x 100.8V adapters, 2x 126V adapters, 2x 134.4V adapters
Output voltage range: 96V-135V
Maximum power: 4000w

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Color display and bluetooth 【96v-135V】GX16-5, Touch edition【120V-170V】GX16-6, Color display and bluetooth 【96v-135V】GX16-6, Touch edition【120V-170V】GX20-4, Color display and bluetooth 【96v-135V】GX20-4, Touch edition【120V-170V】GX20-5, Color display and bluetooth 【96v-135V】All Adapters+Black Bag, Touch edition【120V-170V】GX20-3, Touch edition【120V-170V】All Adapters+Black Bag