Hou Nin’ Fast Charger 36V-155V,0A-18A


Freight to USA by air: 60 USD
The logistics declaration price is written in 26.8USD to avoid taxes.
Additional EV adaptor: +50USD.
Aviation Connectors are included in the package, or they can be purchased separately for $10 each.

Link: Unboxing Video.

This charger originally used for Cellular base station, that been designed to work consistently for long period of time.

This charger support both AC/DC input from 110v-280v, which mean you could use it at home, industrial power supply and EV station. 3000watt maximum output when the input power is over 200V, otherwise it could output 1700w max at 110V input.

Please be advice high current charging your wheel at low temperature could permanently damage the lithium battery cell. Charging the wheel at high current may burn the battery pack due to the high temperature. Please following the wheel’s manual to decide the Maximus current you can use with this charger.

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Max Output: 3000watt
Dimensions: 40.8mm105mm 281mm,
Weight: 1.72KG(charger only), 2.42kg full set, (2.74kg with EV adaptor)

Packing Details

Charger + Aviation Connectors + Power cord + Cable + Black storage box.

Accessories include

Contains 67V, 84V, 100.8V, 126V, 134.4V all EUC connector:
BEGODE 67V, 84V, 100.8V, 134.4V
KingSong 67V, 84V, 100.8V, 126V
Sherman: 100.8V, 126V
Commander: 100.8V, Commander Pro: 134V

·Huawei 4850 charger with modified output @36-150V  0-18Amps,
Input Charging cable,
·Custom made protection case for charger,
·Custom made output cable with XT90 plugs,
·Custom made charging port adaptors for Begode/Leaperkim 100v, Begode 134v, Kingsong/Inmotion 126V (we advice to use dual charging port when charging over 10Amps in case to lower the temperature) 2 adaptors each type , 6 pieces in total.
Optional: EV station port adaptor( which allow you to attach the charger at EV station 220/380V),both 5 pins US standard/7 pins EU standard available.


Q: Do this charger come with all the cables needed to charge all wheels on the market?
Yes it does. It’s a pretty complete package with a carrying case.

Q: If I have an EUC or scooter with x2 charge ports should I use them both or just one?
A: If you are charging at over 10A it is recommended to use a splitter adapter on the charger on both ports, otherwise, a single dongle is fine in most cases.

Additional information

Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 28.1 × 10.5 × 4.08 cm
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Black, red, blue, orange