Hou Nin’ Fast Charger[12V-170V]


12V-170V Adjustable voltage,0-17A Adjustable current

The CNC version is 20mm shorter in length and 200G lighter in weight than the 3D printed shell version, and has advantages.

This fast charger was originally designed for cellular base stations from Huawei, now optimized for versatile use, including EUCs, scooters, ebikes and mopeds. Engineered for long-term consistency, this charger boasts reliability and adaptability.

This price only one voltage adapter [optional] ,does not include a handbag

This charger support both AC/DC input from 110v-280v, which mean you could use it at home, industrial power supply and EV station. 3000watt maximum output when the input power is over 200V, otherwise it could output 1700w max at 110V input.

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The battery charger is a high-efficiency and high-power charger. The battery charger uses a module produced by Huawei to provide a rectifier circuit for the battery.


The digital adjustable charger with rate density achieves a wide range of voltage input, wide DC voltage and current output. It has the advantages of soft start function, perfect protection function, low noise and parallel use.



Dimensions: Length 280mm, width 105mm, height 41mm (manual measurement)

Charger weight :1.6KG


Shell material: metal shell/aluminum shell

Input working voltage range 85V AC-300V AC;

Input frequency: rated 45Hz~66Hz;


cope of application


Battery type: Lead acid, ternary lithium phosphate, lithium iron phosphate, no matter what type of battery, as long as the voltage and current of the charger are adjusted, they can be charged.


Special attention: charging connection sequence


Step 1: First plug the charger into 220V AC.


Step 2: Set the full voltage value (the voltage of the full state must be displayed before plugging and recharging)


Step 3: Connect the battery to charge and adjust the appropriate current. (When the power is off, first unplug the charging port on the car, and then cut off the 220V voltage)




Charging current regulation:


To know how much current the battery can charge, we must first understand what is the charge and discharge ratio, which is C;


Charging rate = Charging current: battery capacity


Usually our lithium batteries can withstand a charging rate of 0.5C, and some high-rate batteries can withstand a charge of 1C; For example, the current of a 38AH battery is calculated by a standard 0.5C charge:


Charging current = capacity X magnification = 38X0.5 = 19A.


So the 38AH lithium battery can withstand 19A current charging.


Battery charging time calculation formula:


Charging time = capacity + charging current =38AH÷19A=2H


Charging voltage regulation:


The voltage of the charger should be adjusted to the full voltage value of the battery, such as 17 strings of 60V ternary lithium fully charged to 71.4V, and 51V without electricity


What is the number of series: ternary lithium battery nominal 3.65V full charge voltage is 4.2V; 17 batteries in series are nominal 62V batteries, fully charged at 4.2X17=71.4V, called 17 series.


Common problems:


Why does the voltage adjustment not change?


A: Slide and press to regulate the voltage


② How can the case leak electricity?


A: All appliances with metal housing are fitted with triangular plugs for housing grounding. As long as your outlet is grounded, there will be no leakage. If there is no way to ground, drying your shoes can also solve the problem.


Will it stop automatically when fully charged?


A: Adjust the voltage value to charge, stop after full.


The radiator’s a little hot. Is that normal?


A: High-power charging will definitely catch fire. Fans are temperature-controlled fans. The higher the temperature, the faster the fan spins. The charger also has overtemperature protection. If the temperature exceeds the specified temperature, the power will decrease by itself. Use it with confidence.

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